Friday, June 27, 2008

Stamping on onsies

Oh my gosh, I totally love this technique and how it turned out.
Oh yeah, you may wonder why I am not at work, I had "little" accident last night, I stepped on a tooth pick/ nail or something in between which had tombow mono multi glue on it. It went in my foot for about 1/4", my husband wanted to take me to the ER for a tetanus shot, he called the 800 # on the bottle of the glue , and they were more concerned about the tooth-pick/ nail, they glue would only cause irritation if I was allergic to latex....anyways, I am at home today instead at the substation for field work.
I just made this onsie, I stamped the elephant from Just Celebrate set from the occassions mini (which expires in just couple days) on iron-on transfer sheet and colored it with prismacolor artist premier markers and cut it closely and then applied it to the onsie. It's so adorable! I think pretty soon I will offer a class for stamping on onsies or t-shirts


  1. how cute! I really like how this turned out. thanks for sharing.

  2. Too Cute! My SIL is about due and I was going to play around stamping some onsies too.

  3. love this method! but won't the color wash off? Isn't it just SU craft ink on some of these?

  4. Does the iron on transfer make the onsie stiff where the picture is? That is the only problem I see. I did thisonce, but it has been along time and I only did one at a party. Is it possible to color a stamp with different inks (like acrylc or alcohol) and have a multi-colored image stamped on the onsie? I am worried that the ink will dry faster than I can paint it and not transfer and stain my stamps.


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