Sunday, June 1, 2008

Somebody stop me

from folding paper. LOL
Ok, I still haven't stamped anything, I was cleaning today and reorganizing my crafting space, and throwing out bunch of scraps which are too small to be useful for anything, I wonder why in the world I have been collecting them.
In the afternoon I made this origami bouquet, instead of stamping. LoL....I forgot how much fun was making origami while taking the origami classes back in the 90's , I think I was 1995, oh my gosh I feel old....
Anyway, I need to stamp a card today, I hope to post it later, and I REALLY need to start working on the gifts for my family, if I want to send them with my cousin who is leaving to go to Europe on the end of June, so the clock is ticking tik tok, tik tok....
I better find a better vase for my origami flowers, rather than this ugly jar ( I got a box of them to make marmalade (sometime..LoL) and not to be used for flowers and storing embelishments)

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