Monday, June 2, 2008

Escape from the "e" with eScape

I just received my eScape bundle today and right away I decided to make a love note for my husband, I remembed when we were just married and before when we were dating I was making a lot of stuff for him, cards, boxes etc, but since I became demo I have hardly given him a card ( I am not so proud of this) and I make cards pretty much every day . I remember year ago when I went to visit my family and friends in Macedonia, I made card for him for every single day (14 days total) and on each envelope I put a date, so he has something to read every day....Oh my gosh, how lazy I have become or un-toughtful.
Anyway, I made this quick cardm actually I kinda cased it from the SU site, as I feel soooooooooo tired, I went little shopping after work, and no I didnt go to art or craft store, LoL, I went to GAP and they had nothing, and then I went to LOFT where actually they have my size (lol) and got me some jean trousers(sp?) and then the train was so stinkin' late, and when I got home I noticed that my rain lilies I planted few weeks ago started to poke out, how exciting. Then I planted some lemon basil, radishes and forget-me-not-s, I still have some sunflowers to plant and some regular basil, oregano, chives and dasies, and some other flowers. Now of to making dinner.

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