Sunday, May 25, 2008

Saturday night creations

I was planning that on Saturday evening I will create at least 5 cards, oh boy, how wrong was I. In the morning we went to see Iron man and then we went to Joann's and to MESA for lunch, I got some goodies from Joann's to make gifts for my parents to give to them when we go to Macedonia, as well a kit for a CD-tin album for my in-laws for Xmas, they were on clearance.
Anyway, we got home around 3pm, and I straighten up a little and then went onto creating...we had dinner around 6-7pm and at 8 I started feeling little sleepy, so I laid on the couch to rest a little, and I fell asleep until 7.20am this morning. All I created were the following 2 projects, and I have so many ideas in my mind right now, we'll see how many of them will come to completion.

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