Monday, April 14, 2008

More Unfrogettable Coasters

So today was my first work day at PECO. I got my cubicle, my ID card and a hard hat. Now they are gonna order me some work boots, 6" steel toes, and some coveralls and work clothes for when we go out on the field. I just wonder where are going to find a size for me. I don't think they are making those in 00P or XXSP, LOL, and work shoes in size 5. LOL.
But the first work day was fun.

Here are some tiles I made for the Lansdowne Arts and Crafts show. They are similar as the one I posted while ago, but not smeared. Here are the tiles before I sprayed them with sealant

and this is after I sprayed them. The colors are little darker and more intense, as well the color of the tiles.
and a close up

I have some more projects to share, but I still need to take pictures of those.

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  1. I picked up the link for your 3 coaster pictures from the SCS thread and have looked at them all. They're very nice!


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