Friday, April 11, 2008

More domino magnets and tutorial

Here are some more domino magnets I made, for the tutorial scroll down.
For the red ones I used: cranberry and butterscotch alcohol inks, for the purple I used eggplant and lettuce and for the blue/green I used lettuce and stream. TUTORIAL :


Adirondack alcohol inks
Adirondac alcohol blending solution
applicator and felt replacements
leafing pen
staz-on ink pad
magnet buttons
E6000 industrial strenght glue

1. Pick the colors you want to use. Usually I use blend of two colors. In this case I used Lettuce and Stream.
2. Drop few drops of each color on the aplicator.
3. Add few drops alcohol blending solution. Sometimes I add a little of the leafing pen for metalic touch
4. Now aply the ink to the domino in pouncing motion, apply until you are satisfied with the result. I have noticed if I go over quite few times, I get little fibers of the felt stick to the domino.
5. Let dry completely.

6. The next step is stamping. Chose your stamps. My choice was Seaside.
7. Apply Staz-on ink on the stamp and stamp the image on the domino, create patter you desire.And let it dry completely.
8. The next step is applying leaf. With the leafing pen carefully color the sides of the dominoe for finish. Be careful to not touch the wet leaf, as it will leave a finger print.
9. Set it aside and let it dry completelly.
10. When it's completelly dry the next step is to glue to magnet. Be careful if you glue few at once to not have them close to one another, as the magnets will attract each other and may glue on a wrong place. With a toothpick I applied E6000 glue to the magnet buttons and pressed them on the middle of the domino, on the back side. Let it dry. And the magnets are ready to go!


  1. WOW!! Those are gorgeous!!
    Absolutely magnificent!!

  2. Very, very pretty. I have a box of dominos and was just "waiting" for your totorial.


  3. Your tutorial is very timely in my life. I've just been thinking of getting out the dominoes and make some magnets. Your dominoes look wonderful and inspiring. Thanks for blessing my day.


  4. These are AWESOME!

    Thanks for sharing!!


  5. Just beautiful do you seal them with anything


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