Tutorial: Dry embossing with punches

Here is a tutorial to make your own dry embossing template using punches.

1.Materials you will need:


stylus or empressor

punches of your choice.2. Punch out the punch you want to use for dry embossing twice and trim the edges to make a square or rectangle

3. Using your SNAIL glue the two parts together so it makes more thick template.

4. Trim the edges

and your template is done.
5. Now using your stylus or empressor you are ready to dry emboss.

6. Put the template where you want to dry emboss and turn it around, you can secure it with removable tape as well.

7: Here is the finished dry embossed boho blossoms. Enjoy and have fun!


thanks for the step-by-step tutorial, Ilina! I had thought this was possible, but I hadn't had much success with this technique. Double-layering the stencil is a great idea. See you at Diva Night!
Thank You Thank You Gracias !!!
What a good idea
Terry Molineux said…
OMGosh what a fantastic idea even more so now that we do not sell templates anymore....thanks so much for the great tutorial
something so simple can be so cool! Thanks
Sherrill Graff late night stamper