Thursday, March 27, 2008

Watercoloring etc

Finals are over and the grades are up, I got one A+, two A's and one stinkin' B in Microeconomics, but I am happy with my B considering how much I hate multiple choice exams and tricky answers. LoL.

My new allergy medications are working! WooHoo!
In little over 2 weeks I am starting my co-op at Peco. I still need to do the drug screening for the job.
And finally I am done with the project I was working on, and the result of it is an TOTALLY MESSY ROOM, as you can see below, so I need to work on that now. My workspace has never been as messy as it's now!!! Gotta do some cleaning now.

Other than that I wanted to share some watercoloring effects and tips. I stamped the frog from Unfrogettable on 3 different papers and got 3 different watercoloring results. I colored with ink pads and with paint brushes. I think the trick is to use different sizes of brushes. I personally don't like the aqua painter at all, I don't know why, but I like the old fashioned paint brushes. :) AS well I have discovered that coloring in circular motions gives more even coloring of the image.
Another tip about watercoloring, do not put the water for coloring in same kind of cup as yor drink, cause you will end up drinking from it by mistake! (don't ask me how I know)
Here are the results:

Whisper white cardstock

Watercolor paper
Shimmery white cardstock


  1. Wow! That is one messy room! Looks like you must have gotten some beautiful things made. :)

    Thanks also for the watercoloring pictures. I can't believe how much better the watercolor paper looks compared with the white CS.

  2. I'm sure glad you got some stampin' spcae, as it looks like you needed it. Working on big projects really requires spreading out all your supplies and having several ideas in motion at once. Congrats on sending off your artisan award entry! I like how you have your CS organized by color family in those Ikea magazine files. Those are the exact same files I have! Congrats on your grades, too, and thanks for the watercolor samples. Lately, I have enjoyed watercoloring on confetti CS, as it's less expensive but still porous.

  3. yay for the green card!!! I can't imagine how you would have created all you did this week in your old space!!

    congrats on a good quarter at Drexel!

  4. If focusing on SU! papers for can't go wrong with Shimmery White...but watch the control of water so the paper doesn't warp and fibers lift up.
    Great pics and technique.
    Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing:)


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