Purely Pomegranate Glitter Ornament

This was very easy one, while my husband is good in making the stars (the ones in the post below) and he even fixed the two I made, I like the the glass ornaments. I used purely pomegranate ink refil and some pinkish glitter I found at home.And "povelete"


Claire Lawrence said…
so neat!! did you just put the drops in there along with the glitter and shake it? do tell!
Ilina Crouse said…
I put about 20 drops and moved the ornament until the whole thing was covered, then I let it up side down to drain into a small jar, then put it as well up side down on a paper towel, when I thought it was covered well and even and the ink won't leak down, I put in glitter and shook it to cover the whole ornament, if it isn't covered well put some more gliter, on the end I just poured out the remaining of the glitter if there is any.The bad thing is that you can't reuse the glitter. Quite lot of glitter goes into only one ornament.